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its 5.55 am and i am still tired from yesterdays 3 training sessions and as my mind starts to kick in its opening scenes for what lays ahead like a old fashioned news reel i realise that lay in bed wont get me to where i would like to be i know if i want to be a champion,a winner or at least the very best i can well i need to get out of bed and face the challenges of the day .

my mind is getting clearer now like the mist rising from a loch near a mountain i hear the wailing of alone piper my mind races off again to sugar ray robinson knocking out gene fullmer with a sweet left hook while on the back foot, i think of andy king racing off after the 78 derby winner with the commentary ” 7 is his number ”

i am getting more an my more alive now but i feel some one internally close to me, some cold figure ,some one who is always there to mock at me and ridicule me he has been an un-wanted passenger all my life a bit like a hobo of my brain !! his presence is well and truly here when he starts his opening line with ” you champion ha you couldn’t even champion your own sleep ! i reply well i quit alcohol didn’t i ? one off he replies trying to knock me off balance so i counter him with ” i took up boxing and had 5 fights ” ha how many did you win he replies i snap back” i never won any but i climbed off the canvas willing to go again, i got fight of the night in stoke because of the bloody face and with both desire and determination not to give !! pah was his his pathetic reply maybe he is getting weaker , anyway i beat you every single day of my life don’t I !! oh he didn’t like that one and ” i will kick your ass right now but after i have had a ice cold shower he tries to counter with a weak ” don’t do that it will be to cold ” and then i am going to do some hard hill sprints on the halifax hill but mr negative aint beaten yet ” that will be really really hard are you sure you are up for this ….because lets face it glyn …..before he can continue am up out of bed like sugar ray robinson , jack dempsey and bruce lee rolled into one bang left hook right hand and move that head sunshine i mutter as i shadow box next to the bed trying to be as nimble and silent as i can in case my wife wakes up and puts a beat down on me i do a bear crawl down the landing pausing for press ups before entering the bathroom , then a couple more jabs , right hands and left hooks to the bread basket that would make mike mccallum proud now i am there……. into shower and 1 2 3 warm-cold-very cold -ice cold and arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THE PAIN THEN THE JOY OF FEELING ALIVE IT FEELS SO SO GOOD and just like the female D.J. on the warriors ” looking good real good ”

Ex 20 Stone 20 a day smoker now a Marathon runner

When I was running Saturdays epic Snowdonia marathon I chatted to fellow runners along the way , it was nice sharing backgrounds and talking about past and future races plus it can beat off the boredom and take away the … Continue reading

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