Now there are two Staurday classes a month

Due to the sucess of the outdoor sessions, there will now be an outdoor class at Winsford common once a month too. Call Glyn for times and dates 07949 588151.

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Check out the latest video

"delamere 3 you tube"
Saturday 23 rd July Delamere out door session. Fantastic turnout and as you can see, everyone gave 100 %.
Next out door session Saturday 6 th August Winsford common. Meet at Winsford Marina 10.20 am.

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Delamere outdoor circuit training Get your Saturday off to a great start £5.00 per person or £8.00 per family.
Meeting at 10.20 am out front of the Fortune Palace Chinese resturant, Hatchmere Cross Roads, Delamere.
All levels of fitness.

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Burpee Challenge for Lent

The Burpees For Lent Challenge started on Monday 7th March

40 days of Burpees -  Day 1 one burpee, day 2 two burpee, day 3 three burpees ect.
Miss a day you do double the next day!!!


Easter day you can reward yourself with an Easter Egg and hopefully you will continue the Burpees into a lifetime Burpee challenge and perform them everyday!

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Ex 20 Stone 20 a day smoker now a Marathon runner

When I was running Saturdays epic Snowdonia marathon I chatted to fellow runners along the way , it was nice sharing backgrounds and talking about past and future races plus it can beat off the boredom and take away the pain for a brief moment!

The was one runner who was called Bob whose story I will never forget ” he said 6 years ago he weighed 20 stone and smoked 20 a day drunk a bit to much and ate all the wrong food , he said at the time I lived with my parents and I would never eat at home opting for currys and easy convenient food .

I felt a joke around people and my confidence started to dip, one of my mates was a keen runner suggested that I starting running, so I thought that I might as well give it a go seeing though I had nothing to lose !

The first day his mate called around for him to make sure he would honour his word ? They left the front door step and within 5 mins he had returned , he had got fifty meters down the road before he had to stop and throw up last nights chippy supper, his mate knew it was going to be a case of treating his good friend Bob  ”kid gloves” and never tried to stop his overweight friend stop the short walk back to his door step !!!

As I ran a bit of the Snowdonia marathon and he was relaying his story it put me into a bit of a trance because I was weighing up his size now and at a rough guess I would of said 13 stone ( it was actually 13.5).

At the doorstep his mate said same time tomorrow which Bob nodded , he said it was a massive wake up call and he knew an “early death ” would be on the cards if he never changed his lazy un-healthy life style !

The next day his mate turned up and ” I wobbled around the corner to the end of the next street those damned curtain tails getting rustled by nosy neighbours spur me on ! “  I laughed along with Bob as we matched are snowdon strides together I remember thinking I am so lucky to have met Bob and the way he opened up about passing drunks and kids teasing him on his first few hard weeks as a newby to running I thought humans can be so fucking cruel !!

But Bob was in it for the long haul and his running started to take over his life and when he realised that smoking was no good for his running performance it was easy to quit.

It was not long before he had got to a 3 miles so his friend said about the next towns yearly 5k race which was coming up ,so Bob entered and finished in 40 mins .

” Well that was it ” a delighted  Bob beamed to me ! And that night I was scouring the net for more races and now the weight was falling off me and I had to buy all new  clothes  and when work colleagues in the office started to complement me I realised that the was nothing stopping me doing anything in life  and thats when I had a wicked thought about a dream that I had when I was a young boy about joining the R.A.F. But my weight was always a issue so that dream just died !

So the running continued the distance crept up plus now I was putting intensity into hill sessions and doing strength and core work when I got home I realised what I needed to achieve my goal of joining the R.A.F  !!  As Bob told me his story I thought of all the 2 thousand runners here today I bet there wouldn’t be anyone who appreciated Bobs story more than myself it was like I was inside Bobs story screaming ” keep working Bob lad ”

3 years after that very first  run that ended at the end of the road and  him being sick , Bob was excepted into the R.A.F and is currently stationed at nearby anglessey. When Bob told me his story I couldn’t help thinking about a great mate of mine called Phil who equally has an amazing story and changed his life through running and they are so unique but one thing that will never change is that word ” change ” Bob wanted change and Phil  wanted change and both worked and worked for it and they made it happen!!!

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